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A Thriving Third Ward: Safe, Secure, Strong

Equitable success. Thriving families and businesses. Youth that are supported and authentically engaged. That’s the Third Ward Kelsey is committed to working towards as your next City Commissioner.

Vision: Issues

 Kelsey believes in a holistic approach to public safety

There is a lot that makes a community safe and unsafe: affordable housing, hazard-free environments, physical and mental health, trusting police-community relationships, green spaces and inclusive development to name a few. Kelsey will bring transparency and curiosity when reviewing and making public safety investments. 


Kelsey supports inclusive economic development

All Grand Rapids neighborhoods and longtime residents should benefit from city growth and prosperity. Kelsey will support diverse business ownership and economic security for all residents. Kelsey believes new developments should engage residents and be a value-add to neighbors.


Kelsey commits to
investing in youth

From a strong start to after school programs and postsecondary preparation, it’s our responsibility to look after our community’s children - our most vulnerable residents. Strong, thriving cities support and authentically engage youth to thrive in every area of life.

Invest in this vision for our community!

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